All of My Friends

All of my Off Topic friends decided to post a thread for my 1,000th post on Naturewalk; I was shocked, because it instantly got a lot of posts on it! Thank you, everyone.

You might want to click on the image so you can see it more clearly.


Meet Heartstrings!

Heartstrings, or whatever account she’s currently using, is going to be in an upcoming comic I’m working on! I personally don’t like her, and it’s not just because I dislike everyone; she constantly calls herself pretty and beautiful, and, after seeing her picture in real life, that truly isn’t the case.

"I'm bloody gorgeous."

I even based her above character off of what she looks like in real life. Of course, she’s not actually an ashy women who has been smoking her whole life- I just over exaggerate things.

I’m sorry if you like Heartstrings, but the way she trolls just gets old after awhile (does “im pretty” ring a bell?). Also, I lied in this thread; my apologies. I don’t actually think that Heartstrings is funny.

How to Become Famous on Off Topic!

An innocent boys road to fame!

I felt bad about making my first comic insulting to Thatsawesome, so I decided to make fun of myself with this one. The innocent noob doesn’t represent anyone on Off Topic in particular, but in general shows how most people become famous on the forums. The three awestruck boys are Smellyapple, OperaMini, and VideogameManiac.

If Princess13579 is a real person, it was a complete accident and coincidence!

Rainbowdash101 Concept Art

Please don’t get me wrong; Rainbowdash101 is awesome, and I’m okay with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I don’t, however, think that over obsessed bronies who dream of being a pony realize what they’re wishing for.

Here’s a concept drawing of what I think Rainbowdash101 would look like in real life, if he were to become a pony:

Rainbow Dash

"It needs to be 20% cooler."

Pink eyes are exceptionally creepy.

The First RobloxComic Ever!

First Comic

Someday, I hope, many people on Off Topic will visit this website periodically! This is the first comic I’ve ever made, so please keep that in mind. Also, please realize that my comics won’t always be funny; sometimes, they’ll be making a statement.

The two users in this comic are Sierrathegreat and Thatsawesome.